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PRO Electronics Tools

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PRO Electronics Tools app is a complete electronics circuits calculation tool for those who are studying power electronics, electronics people and DIYers.This application is helpful for all electronics engineering students, hubbiest and for those who are showing interest in electronics circuits.The PRO Electronics Tools application also contains a helpful electronics dictionary.

In this dictionary, you will be able to learn hundreds of electronics engineering terms in a conceptual way.

This app contains 6 sections:
1. Calculators.
2. Dictionary.
3. Pinouts.
4. Resources.
5. Formulas.
6. Converters.

In this section of the application, you can use various calculators. These calculators will help the students, electronics professionals and DIYers in solving simple and complex electronics circuits.
● Resistor color code.
● Inductor color code.
● SMD resistor code.
● Ohm's law calculator.
● Series and parallel resistor.
● Series and parallel capacitor.
● Series and parallel inductor.
● Voltage divider calculator.
● Current divider calculator.
● LED resistor calculator.
● Stepper motor calculator.
● Capacitor marking.
● Voltage across a capacitor.
● Capacitor to reduce voltage.
● Discharge time of capacitor.
● Charging and discharging of a capacitor.
● Serie and parallel impedance of a circuit.
● Air core inductance calculator.
● Coax cable inductance calculator.
● Zener diode calculator.
● Tunnel diode oscillator.
● BJT as a differential amplifier.
● BJT as a switch.
● Collector feedback bias.
● BJT transistor bias.
● Inverting operational amplifier.
● Non inverting operational amplifier.
● Differentiator amplifier.
● Voltage adder amplifier.
● Instrumentation amplifier.
● Integrator amplifier.
● Differential amplifier.
● LM 317 voltage regulator.
● LM 7805 voltage regulator.
● NE 555 Timer astable and monostable.
● PCB trace width calculator.
● Conical horn antenna Gain.
● Parabolic antenna Gain.
● Antenna down tilt angle.
● Battery life calculator.
● Low pass filter.
● High pass filter.
● Band pass filter.
● Band stop filter.
● Wheatstone bridge.
● Anderson bridge.
● Wien bridge oscillator.
● Maxwell bridge.
● Hay bridge.

In this section of the application, you can find different electronics component pinouts with helpful circuit diagrams.
● Parallel port connector.
● Serial port connector.
● DVI connector.
● SCART connector.
● Display port.
● Type A HDMI connector.
● Type B, D HDMI connector.
● Timer IC NE 555.
● LCD screen display.
● VGA connector.
● SD card.
● SIM card.
● Color code for fiber EIA 598 A.
● Swisscom color.
● SATA power connector.

In this section of the application, you will learn different electronics resources and tables. You can use these tables in circuit calculation as a quick reference.
● AWG conversion table.
● AWG conversion table.
● Capacitor marking code.
● dBm to dB and watt.
● Radio frequency table.
● Resistivity of materials.
● SI derived units.
● SI prefixes.
● SMD resistor code.
● Symbols and abbreviations.
● USB power standard.

In this section of the application, you will learn the conversion between different units. This section of the app will make your task of conversion between units easy and simple.
● Current conversion.
● Voltage conversion.
● Resistance conversion.
● Temperature conversion.
● Data conversion.
● Energy conversion.
● Angle conversion.
● Area conversion.
● Power conversion.
● Force conversion.
● Length conversion.
● Pressure conversion.
● Speed conversion.
● Volume conversion.
● Capacitance conversion.
● Conductivity conversion.
● Resistivity conversion.
● Moment of inertia conversion.
● Delta to star conversion.
● Star to delta conversion.
● Ampere to volt ampere conversion.

The PRO version doesn't have any ads. Need only one time subscription.

If you have any suggestion about the application then feel free to contact us by email [email protected]
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