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Cityscape: Rebuild

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Welcome, Mayors! A disaster has swept through this once lively and beautiful city.

You are a short helicopter ride away from the ruins. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie, I believe that you can rebuild this city to its former glory. And that will just be the beginning of your journey as Mayor!

Game features:
Realistic city building experience "Cityscape" inspired by comparable PC game experiences but optimized for mobile, easy to learn and play!
Rich city demand system Traffic, fire, education, policing, medical care, water, and power supply will affect the happiness of your citizens. Enrich your strategy, plan the layout of the roads & buildings, and allocate every resource wisely. Don't forget to keep an eye on your Mayor Rating. It will provide hints about the weaknesses in the city and how to improve the citizens' rating towards you.
Citizens with personality During the game, your citizens offer advice, provide clues or complain about problems. Listen to their opinions and make timely responses. Every choice you make will affect the development of your city.
Unlock land parcels, map curiosities, and major landmarks! As your city expands, you can unlock new land parcels and discover curiosities hidden in the landscape. More land parcels mean a larger area to demonstrate your city planning skills. There are even landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty for you to unlock!
Invest, profit, and grow your city Sign the Mayor's decree, collect diverse building blueprints for you to approve for construction within your city. Use your creativity to build residential, commercial, and industrial areas, attract citizens, and create great wealth. Don't forget to include green spaces like parks and other public facilities which decorate the city and provide your citizens with a place to spend their time.

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