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Battlemist Clash of Towers

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With long history of conflict and battles between Man and Orcs, we present you Battlemist Tower Defender! Build your army, defend your fortification and defeat the enemy! Every nation has it’s own unique units and buildings.

Great planning, balance and timing of your actions are crucial for your success! Conquer the land from your enemy by fighting in 10 distinct levels, each with amazing environments, unique missions and side effects (rain, snow, thunder, meteors and earthquake). Adjust the game difficulty that you like. Choose your side and start your own adventure! The fate of the world lies in your hands!
Main features:
- 10 amazing levels
- 3 types of towers
- 6 types of units
- Upgrades for all towers and units
- Two-headed Eagle (fights for human race)
- Fire-breathing dragon (fights for orcs)
- Big Sand Worm (attacks when you least expect)
- Stone Hand (it will crush everything)
- Earthquake effect (destroys towers and buildings if they are weak)
- Rain effect
- Thunderstorm
- Snow
- Asteroid rain
- Difficulty (easy, normal, hard) and much more
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