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Athena Colony: Multiplayer RTS

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Build your base:

Choose from 13 different buildings that can produce resources and create units. Strategize with your teammate to determine your base's layout and plan. Upgrade your resource buildings or build a quick army to rush the enemy.

Build an army:
Produce 18 different units and decide the combination you need to defeat the enemy. Units include medics, snipers, tanks, attack helicopters, and more advanced technology. Units have different types of armor and weapons which impacts the damage they deal and take.

Control them in battle:
Control the movements of individual or groups of units. Lead a charge directly to the enemy base or send your snipers forward to outrange their units and pick them off one by one. Place armored units in front to protect fragile units in the back.

Competitive multiplayer:
In-depth multiplayer allows you to play with (and against) your friends. Play 2v2 and work with your teammate to defeat the enemy team. Gain ranks and defeat the top players.
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